Orderly Promotion of Win-Win Cooperation between GWM and BWM

On the afternoon of August 13,an investment agreement of vehicle joint venture project was signed by and between Great Wall Motor Company Limited (GWM)and Zhangjiagang Municiple People's Goverment in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China. The signing of this Agreement marks the official settlement of Sportlight Automotive Ltd. in Zhangjiagang City. leaders as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee; Governor of Jiangsu Province and Secretary of the Leading Group of the CPC Committee of Jiangsu Provincial People's Goverment; Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province and leaders at all levels from Suzhou City and Zhangjiagang City; Wei jianjun, Chairman of GWM, and authorized representatives of BWM Group attend this ceremony.






Orderly Promotion of Win-Win Cooperation between GWM and BMW

The joint venture has already officially settled in within only one month after the signing of joint venture contract between GWM and BMW. It is enough to prove abundant strength of GWM and BMW and important of Spotlight Automative, which marks the GWM entering a new development era in the process of globalization and "two focuses" on brand.



GWM owns four brands namely HAVAL, Great Wall, WEY and ORA. By the end of 2017, the total assets of GWM had reached RMB 110.547 billion. In terms of core technology, GWM has self-supporting capability of core parts such as engine and transmission by taking R&D and innovation as basis. Its independently developed engine and automatic transmission were successively awarded the Top Ten Engines and World's Top Ten Transmission. With a brand value of RMB36.047 billion, GWM ranked first on the list of "Top 100 Valuable Chinese Brands 2018"of the auto industry.



On July 10 this year, witnessed by China and Germany Prime Ministers, the joint venture contract was entered into by and between GWM and BMW, so that Spotlight Automotive Ltd. was founded, with 50 % of shares held by both parties. GWM and BMW focus on sharing of R&D products and platform in the cooperation. Different from previous Chinese joint venture patterns, this cooperation realizes resource complementarity and complementary advantages in the real sense, and both parties can make decisions in a free and fair manner.