China Leads in Automobile Manufacturing Worldwide and Haval F7 Aims at Global Top Ten SUVs

After the cooperation with BMW entered a substantial stage last year, Great Wall Motor signed a cooperation framework agreement with Brabus Group, the world's largest and most famous personalized automotives manufacturer under Mercedes. Since Haval has completed the entire industrial chain layout of SUV, and its sales volume have hit the record height of 5 million vehicles, it becomes a top priority to further enhance its brand power and overseas influence. Great Wall Automobile has taken another solid step towards globalization, which has triggered heated discussion.


At the beginning of the year, Haval released its "5-2-1" globalization strategy, setting the goal to achieve the sale volume of 2 million per year in five years, to be the world's No. 1 professional SUV brand. Based on Haval's global vision and strong technological R&D strength, the "5-2-1" global development strategy is also a manifestation of its confidence in the international market competitiveness of its high-quality products. Haval's global development roadmap has embodied the diligence and unstoppable rise of Chinese automobile brands.


Over the years, Haval has made efforts to build an international first-class enterprise in terms of technology R&D according to the benchmark set by the world's leading brands, from technology, production, products, channels to brands. At present, Haval has set up a global R&D layout with Baoding headquarter as the core, covering Europe, Asia, North America and other places. It has established 8 technology R&D centers and 5 modeling centers in 7 countries including China, Japan, Germany, the United States, South Korea, Austria and India. It has formed a leading technological reserve in automobile engines, safety performance, intelligent voice, Internet of Vehicle, automatic driving, etc. 




Thanks to the technical strength, quality standards and global resources, Haval has built a number of faddish models such as Haval F7. By 2018, Haval has more than 5 million car owners around the world, covering Russia, South Africa, Australia, Central and South America, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, it has become the market leader in Chinese and even global SUV market.

Russia is one of the largest overseas markets of Great Wall Motors, it is also athe strategic market which Haval brand has been cultivating for a long time. In order to create quality products that are more in line with the demands of overseas consumers, Great Wall Motors has invested about US $ 500 million to build a vehicle manufacturing plant in Tula Oblast, Russia. Tula factory is the first full-process vehicle factory invested and built by Great Wall Motors overseas, and also the first overseas vehicle factory invested and built by Chinese brand, with an estimated production capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year. As a pioneer of Haval in global market, Haval F7 under the flagship Haval F series, specially designed for the young people, will be put into production at the Tula factory in April this year. It will become the first global car made by the Chinese brand in the true sense.

China's First Global Car Haval F7 May Revolutionize the Russian Market

2019 is the first year of Haval's globalization strategy. The Tula factory, after put into production, will become Haval's global strategic base for Haval's further expansion in Russia and its entry into the European market. In fact, since entering the Russian market in 2015, Haval's quality SUV and service have been well received by local consumers. In 2019, there will be about 70 Haval dealers in Russia. Russian consumers have long been looking forward to the Haval F series SUV. 



Haval F7, the global strategic flagship designed and developed by Haval with global superior resources, was listed in the top five of the best SUVs at the Moscow Motor Show. It was also listed by the authoritative automotive magazine as the "Most Important Premier Car Model at the Moscow Motor Show in 2018". Russia's core media, Sputnik News, once reported at the Moscow Motor Show that Haval SUV will become more competitive in the future. With the Tuzla factory was put into production, Haval may change the current situation of SUV market in Russia, and Haval F7 is even named "the model that will completely change the Russian market". 



As the best car in Haval's history, Haval F7 aims to rank among the global top 10 SUVs by 2023. Since its launch in China, Haval F7 has been a hot selling with monthly sales of more than 10,000 vehicles in three consecutive months and shown strong market competitiveness. This achievement could have not been made without its trendsetting smart and beautiful styling, industry-leading AI intelligent interaction, rich and luxurious intelligent technology configuration, robust and comfortable intelligent driving control, unparalleled intelligent safety at the same level, and all-terrain adaptability that is comparable to the professional off-road SUVs. After the Tula factory was put into operation, the performance of Haval F7, the Chinese brand's first global car, in overseas markets is also worthy of expectation.

In the future, apart from production and sales in China and Russia, Haval F7 will be exported to South America, the Middle East, Europe and other regions as well. There is no doubt that thus quality flagship SUV intelligently made by Haval will definitely accelerate it complete globalisation.