Haval Team crowned kings of 2015 Taklimakan Rally

Haval rally kings Han Wei and Pan Hongyu enjoyed outstanding success in the 2015 Taklimakan Rally, winning the car category four hours ahead of their nearest competitor.


Set in the world’s second largest shifting sand desert in the north-west corner of China, the gruelling Taklimakan Rally covers more than 4000 kilometres over eight days.

“I feel very happy to reach the finish line of the last stage, for Haval Team and for our efforts,” said co-driver Pan Hongyu.

“The car had the best performance in the hot day, we nearly could not stand such high temperature, but the car had no problem, it was commendable and the basis of our brilliant results.

“This was our first time to be paired for such a long-distance rally, and we are confident there is still much room for improvement. We found a lot to be improved in the rally and will make up for it in the next competition.”

Haval Team retained the lead from the very beginning, and experienced various harsh conditions such as dunes and deserts. Despite turnovers and other spectacular racing incidents, the team won seven stages, once again proving its reliability in even the harshest environments.