Team HAVAL continues strong run in 2015 Silk Road China Great Rally

Team HAVAL continues to perform strongly in the tough Silk Road China Grand Rally, with Christian Lavieille and Garcin Jean-Pierre steering the 115 HAVAL H6 racer car into second place for Special Stage 4.


The Frenchmen have lifted themselves to fifth position overall and well within striking distance of the leaders.

The 116 HAVAL H6 race, piloted by Han Wei and Pan Hongyu finished the stage in fifth place and remain in third place overall.

Covering 159 kilometres, SS4 started along Provincial Highway 218 and ended at Zhula Gold Mine. Predominated by gobi and gravel roads, the line was complex with a lot of forks, posing a real test to all teams. The poor weather conditions, heavy dust and wind all greatly affected drivers’ sights and judgments.

All teams have moved into the camp in Desert Park in Alxa Ejina Banner, adjoining the beautiful and world-renowned populus euphratica forest. After a short break here, Haval’s logistics staff and working vehicles will continue to run 741 kilometres, to set up a camp and make full preparation in the race course in Alxa Right Banner prior to the arrival of the race cars. Haval’s two race cars will face a 272-kilometer stage with harsher natural environment in Ongt Gol.

Running over 13 days from Xi’an to Dunhuang, the 2015 Silk Road CGR – now in its third year – covers 8000 kilometres in an event regarded as a rival to the legendary Dakar Rally.

SS4 standings

  1. Peterhansel / Cottret (Peugeot)
  2. Lavieille (Haval H6) + 5’24
  3. Liu (Mitsu Panda), 7’13 +
  4. Despres / Castera (Peugeot) + 8’18
  5. Han (Haval H6) + 9’26

General Classification after SS4

  1. Peterhansel / Cottret
  2. Despres / Castera
  3. Han (Haval H6), + 11’02
  4. Liu (Mitsu Panda), + 17’06
  5. Lavieille (Haval H6), + 18’11